Bridge to Change : A Transformation Process for Sustainable Life Fulfillment by Life Coach Tom MarinoA Life Changing Guide to Transforming Your Reality for Sustainable Fulfillment

Life Coach Tom Marino takes you on a transformational journey to sustainable life changes with a proven method for life fulfillment. His method explores the journey through change to integrate the fears and blocks that hold you back from moving forward. Learn more here.

Our Vision

Monarch Life Coaching provides life coaching services that empower you to change your reality to a positive way of living your life, loving your life and work, and having rewarding relationships. Named after the monarch butterfly, a symbol of beauty that arises from transformation; and the definition of a monarch; a sovereign ruler of a kingdom; the vision of Monarch Life Coaching is to take you through your transformation and empower you to be the King or Queen of your life!



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What does it mean to be cynical? Cynical is having an attitude or temper of a cynic, someone who finds fault or mistrusts and believes other’s motives are of self-interest. Often times cynics are the naysayer, the resistor, someone who doesn’t trust. Read the full article


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Monarch Life Coaching Tom Marino Life Coach | Dealing with divorce | life transitions

Career Change
Entering the Workforce
Single to Married
Relationship Breakup
Empty Nest

Monarch Life Coaching Tom Marino Life Coach | Healthy habits happy life

Develop Healthy Habits
Improve Finances
Improve Relationships
Life Purpose
Spiritual Development

Monarch Life Coaching Tom Marino Life Coach | transforming your reality | career coach

I founded Monarch Life Coaching to empower you to change your reality to a positive way of living your life, love your life, navigate life transitions, and have rewarding relationships.

My experience has been my best teacher! I bring a wealth of experience in health, spiritual development, careers, business, management, and leadership to my coaching.

I became a Life Coach after significant transformations in my life that have reshaped how I live and I want to help you do the same in your life!

One of my favorite things about coaching is the opportunity to meet with people from all over the country. Monarch Life Coaching serves clients from the East Coast to West Coast of the United States. We are physically located in North Bellmore, NY on Long Island. For clients living locally on Long Island, in person sessions take place at my office located in North Bellmore. For my clients from across the United States, virtual sessions are conducted using the Zoom Video Conferencing platform.

Monarch Life Coaching Tom Marino Life Coach | Life transitions
What do you want to change in the next 90 days?
What would you do if you couldn’t fail?
Do you feel that you want to do something different or new but aren’t sure how to do it?
If you are looking for answers to these questions, then  Life Coaching is for you!
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Tom is wonderful! Unbelievably professional, intelligent, caring, and helpful. I was a bit skeptical to try life coaching at first, and now, i'll work with Tom forever!
Evan C.
I needed a change in my life. Didn't know what that would look like, all I knew was that I was stuck where I was....not as happy as I could be. Being in therapy most of my life I hesitated doing that.. found it helpful in the beginning - not so much later on. Decided to try something different so I found Tom and this Life Coaching arena.  It is life changing... literally.  It is about setting goals and figuring out obstacles and new perspectives. Tom makes this a safe, stress free honest experience.  He asks all the right, hard questions but has a way of just making you want to share and be honest about things you never thought you would.  I have seen a difference in the short time I have been doing this... Much more than years of therapy.  The value in priceless and I am excited to unravel all the layers to see what comes next.  I can't say enough about him and the work that we are doing together.
Beth N.
At the time I worked with Monarch Life Coaching I had just retired and was relocating. I was unsure whether retirement would be good for me. First Monarch Life Coaching worked with me to ascertain where I was in my Life Situation. Then I was able with Monarch's help to prioritize what was important to me and how I could take action to pursue activities that gave me satisfaction. By defining realistic goals and a timetable for action on these goals helped me get to where I am now. I have a number of activities, Physical Fitness, Working in Town Government and home improvement projects, are making my current days rewarding. I am not 'worried' about being retired.
Marty M.
I have been fortunate to have Thomas Marino as my coach. Thomas has been a blessing for my leadership development. He delivers critical insights, guidance and support. He is people focused and has consistently taught me there is nothing more powerful than passionate servant leadership driven with clarity and accountability. Also, Thomas is genuinely invested in the success of his clients and he maintains relationships well after the formal coaching engagements have concluded. I strongly value his partnership and have the highest confidence in his ability to help professionals develop their leadership skills.
Roman B.
I have been working with Tom the last two months. Tom’s wisdom and support has changed my life.  He has given me the strength to overcome difficult personal issues! I highly recommended him to anyone interested in making positive changes in their life.
Mary L.

What is Life Coaching?

What can a life coach do for me?

A life coach will provide you with the safe place to discuss what you would like to change without judgment.  We  support you in finding and staying on your path, holding you accountable to achieve the goals you set out to accomplish. By building a relationship with our clients, we help them stay motivated and on-task, moving toward their long term far-reaching goals.

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

Every client jointly signs a coaching agreement with their life coach. We set the terms of the coaching agreement to fit a your individual goals and plans.

How do we get started?

The first step is to schedule an FREE Introductory Session/Call. In that session, we will determine your coaching needs and we will get an idea of how well we work together and what our next steps should be from there.  It is important for you to feel comfortable with the coach you choose to work with as you move forward in achieving your goals.