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Forms and tools for Clients

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Forms for New Clients

Monarch client agreement – This form is for a new client who has contacted Coach Sammie and has a verbal agreement to work with her. This form is required to be filled out and mailed before the first session.

Monarch procedures – As a new and potential client, I recommend that you print out and read this document to understand how Monarch Life Coaching operates. It communicates my commitment to you as a client, as well as how I will enforce business arrangements. This will provide you with clarity and understanding of my expectations of you as my client, as well as of my professional conduct and procedures as your coach. Please contact me if you have questions not answered by this document.

Session Prep Questions – All new clients are required to fill this form out and e-mail or mail it back to Coach Sammie before the first session. It’s a wonderful tool for accessing clarity around your agenda and what you wish to accomplish in your sessions. Responding to the questions will support you in utilizing your coaching time effectively.

Coaching tools

10 big questions – This is a powerful tool for achieving clarity in areas of your life in which you may be stuck or require a new action or insight.

Daily Practices – This exercise is designed to get your priorities in order and provide an effective tool to balance the energy you spend on each major priority in your life. It has a daily practice wheel that will enable to you to define what is most important to you right now, and keep you on track!

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